Premium Oak-Barreled Kombucha


Here at Bootleg Boocha, we've left no stone unturned in ensuring every step of our brewing process is refined to such a standard of quality and taste, that every drop of our Kombucha is as healthy, delicious, and unique as possible.

We start by brewing in brand new, medium charred, World Class Oak Barrels from the Hungarian Cooperage, Zemplen.

Zemplen procures wood from the Legendary Quercus Petraea/Sessile Oak, which is a slow-growing oak due to the mineral content of the soil in the Tokaj-Zemplen forest of Hungary.

This exotic oak gives our Yerba Mate Kombucha an extremely unique flavor and remarkably well­balanced after taste; allowing us to produce a drier/less sugary probiotic Kombucha.

We use the highest quality ingredients and take every opportunity to improve our brewing process along the way.

These three base elements come together to form an awe-inspiring beverage: a perfectly balanced Kombucha that is smooth, earthy, tart, and slightly sweet with a familiar hint of oak.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea.

Made as a health drink for thousands of years, kombucha tastes like a tangy/sweet sparkling cider.

Kombucha can help your liver remove plastics and heavy metals from your body, and due to it's high vitamin and mineral content (especially the B-Complex), will give you a natural energy boost.