Bootleg Boocha


Bootleg Boocha is the passion, hard-work, love, and dedication of three extremely health and environmentally conscious individuals that have all come to call Fort Collins, Colorado home.

A Company, not even two years old, that has already captured the hearts of thousands of local residents. A company dedicated to keeping bottles out of the landfill, bees in our backyards, and helping people stay healthy.

A completely self suffinciant and expanding company with simple idea; take care of our bodies and our environment, and they will in turn, take care of us.

A fine, craft-brewed, Kombucha

We brew every 6 to 10 gallon batch exclusively in the highest quality new Hungarian Oak Barrels, and use nearly twice the amount of Organic Tea to brew than our competitors. This provides a much more rich, robust, and healthy Kombucha than you'll find anywhere else.

We cold steep our Organic San Mateo (Un-Roasted) Yerba Mate tea, ensuring our tea is never exposed to any level of high heat. While very little is black and white in the world of organic chemistry, Most organic vitamins and minerals, when heated past 95degC (203degF), expel the important carbon atom that makes a substance "Organic". This renders such minerals far less bioavailable. According to the Pasteur Institute Yerba mate contains nearly all vitamins needed to sustain life. It contains more antioxidants than green tea, 15 amino acids and numerous vitamins and minerals.


We Brew only using reverse osmosis water. Reverse Osmosis Water is extremely pure, allowing as much vitamins and minerals as possible to be absorbed, giving your digestive system the ability to quickly and easily assimilate these micronutrients.

What does it mean to be a craft brewer?

To us it means putting time, care, and love in to every step of the brewing process.

To put time in to learning the tradition of your craft and find ways to incorporate traditional brewing methods into our modern age.

To put care into how you brew, because the first one to cross the line isn't always the one that wins in this race. The true winner is the brewer who finds their passion in the process of brewing, not just the final product.

To put love into the entirety or your process, knowing that bottling deserves just as much love as mixing the batch (and just as mopping up after you're done!)

Bootleg Boocha LLC is entirely self funded, has been built literally from the ground up, and is growing faster than we could have ever imagined possible.
Our friends, family, and the residents of Fort Collins have been extremely supportive of our local, craft-brewed, beverage.